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Tatiana Melnik

Tatiana Melnik


• Tatiana Melnik. Member of International EFU Jury delegation.
• Talented designer, author of the brand “Time de Luxe”. Her Royal sense of style, and undoubted talent, her high intelligence contributed to the fact that Russian fashion world gained the real star.
• Today, the collection of jewelry designer Tatiana Melnik has more than 1,000 positions. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces – anything that makes a woman unique! The production of jewelry “Time Deluxe” begins with an idea, which is embodied on paper, and then is created at the factory in Italy. All jewelry is a work of art made of precious metals, gems and Swarovski crystals!
• Tatiana also is main character in the famous fashion clip of Denis Klyaver for the song “Extraordinary”. Tatiana is Extraordinary. Tatiana supports all important events in Russia .Tatiana became the Best jewelry designer and redcieved Fashion TV Award 2017 . Soon Tatiana Melnik will present a new collection , which will be even brighter then ever!


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